Sharp Electronics PN-C603D AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System
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Sharp’s Full-HD 60” Class (60.1” diagonal) PN-C603D AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system lets you display a variety of information with ease and precision. Whether you’re in a classroom or meeting room, Sharp Pen™ Software opens up new possibilities for brainstorming and sharing information in real time. Flexible and cost-effective, the PN-C603D display provides a platform to boost collaboration and enhance the impact of your lessons, meetings, or presentations.



Simultaneous Writing

Recognizing up to six points of contact, the PN-C703B and PN-C603D interactive displays let two people write on the screen at the same time using touch pens or fingers. Participants can take an active part in classroom interactions, meetings, brainstorming sessions and more. With simultaneous writing, your discussions and presentations become platforms for the productive and creative exchange of ideas. Having two people write at the same time lets you double the range of opinions gathered during discussions. During a debate between two groups, for example, participants can dictate points to two nominated note writers. And no matter where you're writing on the screen, you can easily change the color and type of pen output or use the included eraser to delete unwanted content.


User-Friendly Sharp Pen Software Interface

Using a touch pen, you can easily launch and display the Sharp Pen Software user interface, a menu compromising smartly arranged icons that provide easy access to pen settings and functions. Menus can be broswed easily and are displayed in a floating format that allows them to be moved to anywhere on the screen.


Work Smarter with SHARP Display Connect

Touch SHARP Display Connect software supports effective and multifaceted communication. Onscreen content - including handwritten notes and drawings - can be viewed simultaneously on the PN-C703B or PN-C603D interactive displays on mobile devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. SHARP Display Connect facilitates interactive presentations, lively discussions, and paperless meetings in both business and educational settings.


Handwriting Recognition

The PN-C703B and PN-C603D interactive displays feature a handwriting recognition fuction that converts selected onscreen handwriting into standard text. It can also recognize handwritten shapes - such as circles, triangles, and straight lines - and automatically convert them into objects. This smart and convenient function makes it easy to utilize onscreen content to make a legible record of your lesson or meeting.


Minimize Glare and Fingerprints

Protecting the glass screen is an anti-glare film that works to help reduce glare and reflections and minimize fingerprint soiling. Even in brightly lit rooms, documents and teaching materials are easy to read.


MFP Connectivity

Documents and color images scanned from a compatible Sharp MFP can be imported directly to the Sharp Pen Software for display on the PN_C703B or PN-C603D interactive displays. For added convenience, image data shown onscreen - including notations - can be saved to a PC or sent directly to an MFP for printout.